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Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Niche Down

Have you ever heard someone say "the riches are in the niches"? Well, at Tailor Page Web Design we couldn't agree with that sentiment more.

But, we get it - the idea of niching down can feel counter-intuitive. You might be thinking:

I don't want to exclude a whole group of people from buying from me

I need ALL the business I can get

I don't want to turn anyone away

I don't want to pigeonhole my business

But guess what? Niching down will actually do the opposite of what you're afraid of. That's right, honing in on a specific niche will actually help you attract the right type of people to your business, you know, the kind that are actually interested in buying from you!



1. Niching down helps you attract paying customers/clients: Having a lot of foot traffic is great, but unless the people coming across your small biz are actually interested in what you have to offer it's not really helpful is it? By choosing a very specific audience that proves to be interested in your offerings, you can consistently attract your ideal customers.

2. Niching down helps you with marketing: You can't create content that attracts, provides value and interests everyone, but you can create content that attracts, provides value and interests a specific audience. By niching down you will be able to create branded marketing content that attracts your ideal audience. And guess what else? It will actually convert!

3. Niching down will save you time: If you feel like you're drowning by trying to reach out to such a diverse audience, perhaps it's because your audience is way too general. By focusing in on a specific niche you can lighten your workload and spend more time growing your business.


Targeting niches and crafting brands to appeal to those niches is one of our specialties at Tailor Page, we'd love to help you get focused and strategic. Your creative business has magic to offer, now you just have to identify who you specific magic is for!


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