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Where to Spend and Where to Save on Your Website

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

"Quality is the best business plan", THIS is a message I can get behind! Here are my quick tips on where to spend and where to save when creating your website to get something that is high-quality but also doesn't break the bank!

Where to SPEND:

💸 Professional photos - You need these for your site and it will enhance the quality 100%

💸 Website Copy - Ok this one can be tricky. Are you SURE you're getting your message across on your website? Are your sentences grammatically correct? Are they all in the same tense? Copy is one of the most critical parts of your site so it's a great place to splurge and have a pro help you!

💸 Website Design - It's 2020 and websites are no longer a place where businesses slap up some information and call it a day (or week/month/year). Your website is an extension of your business and a reflection of who you are and what you do. Invest in someone who can make your site as high-quality as you are!

Where to SAVE:

💰 Advertising - When you're first starting out, don't stress about purchasing ad spots on google. Focus on growing your following for free on social media until you feel ready to spend on advertising.

💰 Pages - If a full-service website is a bit pricey, start by keeping it simple and reducing the number of pages. A good web designer will guide you on what pages your business will need and what would be a bonus!

💰 Apps - Do you really need 4 different forms on your site or would 1-2 do just fine? Try to simplify your website but reducing the number of premium apps. Quality is better than quantity so keep it simple and keep it high-end!


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