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Free Presets + Why You Need Them

YUP! Let's chat about an easy way to unify your visual branding...presets.


Not sure what a preset is? --> Presets are custom-made photo filters that can be used to give your online visuals a cohesive look.


Not sure why you need them? --> If you promote your business anywhere on the internet (social media, a website, etc), then you'll want your visitors to get a feel for your brand right away. A picture says 1000 words so you need your photos to give your visitors the right information about you and your business!

Not sure how to use them? --> Don't worry, I've included a step-by-step guide with your free download! Try to stick to the same couple of presets to ensure your branding is unified and reflects you and your services.

You can download them for FREE at Tailor Page Web Design.


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